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Pay higher wages

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When decorating, saving money is important, but in some special places if you save money, subsequent maintenance work may be to spend more money. That need to be part of the regular activities, for example, must take into account the quality, especially the socket, socket inside the copper is very important, good outlet plate will be very smooth. Bad Sockets can cause the plastic wire delamination, may eventually lead to short circuits, which bring unnecessary damage to the appliance. There are curtain rod, it is best to buy metal rod, because long deformation of solid wood.

10% of the waste when the decoration is normal, but if the decoration as much as possible to consider some of the details, as many have some novel ideas, decorating a House be able to save 20% is no myth. --Xu Guozhong

as long as careful renovation money ceases to be a myth.

Save money strategies

1. method of ceramic tiles to save money

in the decoration, be clear on how many years the renovation is estimated. If you are after five years to renovate, then at the Green, they were not so expensive. This premise to choose ceramic tiles, it is not necessary to select tiles of several hundreds of dollars per square metre, some fifty or sixty bucks brick quality is also good, and Visual aesthetics also can be done on demand, so you can save a lot of money.

2. Cabinet Save method

cabinets are an aspect of the decoration pay more. Kitchen cabinets in the main is to be easy to clean, sturdy, examines these factors at selection time. Popular on the market today are mostly sheet metal or solid wood panel, characterized by simple Assembly. But sometimes easy and buy when the price is calculated by meter, extended from 1500 Yuan/m to 6000 Yuan/meter. In fact, taking into account factors such as environmental protection, durable, can use the traditional method--made of brick. End of red brick, built after the tiles, laid on the table of thick granite, more than 1.5 cm. And this cabinet there is no dead ends, cockroaches would be reduced, in use rinse is not afraid the blisters. Such a set down more than more than 4,000 yuan basically had enough, cheaper than buying Cabinet 2000-3000.

many owners don't know how to calculate materials decoration, prices fluctuated with the material, and in the end make do without money to buy, this is not the way. Must be careful calculation before buying materials, for example when buying tiles, to arrange the tiles in accordance with the existing size of the room. Removal to the length and width of the room the size of existing materials because ceramic tiles are divided into different sizes, the results that were closer to integer, the more money. For example a room 3 m x X5 m, 500 cm brick is basically the whole brick, won't have to cut tiles for Mosaic, this is save the money.

such as the tiling in the bathroom when people want to make a waist line, so that would be more attractive. But waist line tends to be very expensive, actually use their brains, changing ways of thinking can also have the same effect. Main bathroom door angle the tiles into the location of the other colors, such as black, gold, it can highlight the whole wall jumping effect, also saves a lot of money.

3. save money by

now divided into many kinds of solid wood doors, solid wood door molding, composite doors, PVC doors, holding doors. As a general family use, paper cores. Paper core door gravity worked great, good sound insulation, at about 400 Yuan/Tang. And at the time of the second decoration, door directly with sandpaper polishing, spray paint, just like new.

4. waterproof method to save money

when choosing a sanitary ware, more about functionality. Waterproof construction units now do about 60 Yuan/square meter with the lowest price. Brush the waterproofing is actually very simple to do, and if the owners are careful enough, this can just have a job to do. 3 square meters bathroom waterproof material of a large barrel brush twice overall, very near to brush off the ground three times, which is basically enough. Just so there is a drawback, if there is a leakage problem that can only bear the responsibility.