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Self portrait simplicity + mix

Self portrait simplicity + mix

last year summer, in prices of peak period buy Xia has this sets also is cheap of House, lots also is can, due to is new community around supporting also no timely in place, addition KFS itself is do textiles started of, for real estate of development not is knowledgeable, so led to this tablets of prices has been in medium level, even below remote area of prices, so in this year prices plunged of situation Xia, we still think this price buy Xia not lost, hehe!

late last year, followed by January 18, 08-breaking, which lasted six months, and finally September 7 days to move into our new House. Seeing the jar so many beautiful houses, in our city and find a permanent fence of a designer, is a great deal of fate.

decoration now over, everything gradually simplicity, eliminating the need to run every weekend in various decoration building materials market, sometimes just to sit, enjoy new life brings us good.