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Test purchase

with the coming of peak of marriage, the furniture market is heating up again, and a variety of new furniture so dizzying, but a lot of people buy furniture is not satisfactory, some of the furniture looks nice, but the material is full of harmful substances, and some furniture to buy, it's good, but not long and it will break apart, how should we buy the furniture? What kind of furniture do not buy it? Following 3 kinds of furniture it is best not to buy.

first is the price relatively low, bargain special easy not to buy it.

others won't say, price so easily, and think there must be a problem, some cheap furniture price, sometimes thousands of Yuan under the price could even talk, in fact, that most of the furniture is to use a large number of poor quality and low price of material, often making a piece, do be careful consumers of such seemingly cheap.

second is to have a strong pungent odor of furniture not to buy it.

some furniture such as cabinets, buy when I opened the drawer, open door smell stimulates people to tears, this situation shows that the formaldehyde content of the furniture severely overweight. This kind of furniture is very harmful to the body, generally do not recommend the purchase. If such is because the conditions restricting the purchase of furniture, buy their best clothes for some time before use.

third should be noted that Panel furniture made without all sides not to buy it.

use made of Panel furniture parts for edge processing restrictions are very strict, especially Particleboard furniture should require all edge banding, which can limit the harmful substances emitted in the Panel, but many manufacturers in order to save material, only the local edge, so the furniture had better not buy.