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"New Chinese" style

use the "new Chinese" decorative style, you are not only well versed in the heart of the traditional culture, but also to know about interior design, also let the two complement each other. Some Chinese-style decoration and accessories have to be used, otherwise it will bring live discomfort, even laughable.

1. the retro elements is not simple stuffing

new retro decoration of traditional Chinese-style decoration is not culture, but incorporating classical elements in modern style of decoration. It's not a "1+1=2" of simple sentences, but designers experience, managing design elements and facing the owners, after in-depth analysis, concluded that a "tailor-made" programmes.

2. to consider the space

Chinese-style furniture and accessories, or darker, or very bright, when you put them in the overall color of the space needs to be considered.

in addition, Chinese-style decoration is about "authentic" and the very nature of the match. If just some simple ideas and put its late effects will be greatly reduced. Decoration color will usually use to Brown, this color is especially simple, natural, but if the House the whole tone is Brown, it will give the feeling of depression, so design adjustment of lighting is also very important.

3. place their traditional materials mo "mistaken identity"

saw a friend's House and elegant mahogany dining table, put a large mottled tub to make a fruit basket. Look carefully that the tub is used for washing or bathing the child, how can on the table. When you use these traditional artifacts, be sure to pay attention to its original function.