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Modern European design styles--Nantong decoration

modern European design style. It is neo-classical with respect for nature and love for real, revival of ancient art form for the purpose, in particular ancient Greece, ancient Rome civilization peak works, or solemn, beautiful or elegant, but does not copy the classicism and to abandon the abstract, absolute aesthetic concept and poor image of art is different from 16,  17 century tradition of classicism. A neo-classical style furniture, stone carving and so on into the interior furnishings and decoration, the use of stucco, marble, making the Interior more pay attention to the integrity of the material change and space. Furniture line deformation, is no longer a round curved Rococo style, is decorated with a bronze finish with fan, leaf plates, rosettes, human body, such as.

' modern European-style ', ' neo-classical style. Modern European style design from the simple to the complex, from the whole to the part, finely polished, parquet gold gave the impression of meticulous. While retaining the General style of the material, color, people steal the traditional history and rich cultural heritage, while abandoning the overly complex texture and decoration, simplified lines. Modern European style, is more of a pluralistic way of thinking, the romantic nostalgia combined with modern people's demand, compatible with luxurious, elegant and modern, reflecting personal aesthetics and culture in post industrial taste.

 1 and "divinity" are the main characteristics of modern European style. While focusing on the decorative effect at the same time, using modern techniques and materials to restore an old soul, neo-classical aesthetic effect with both classical and modern, perfect combination also let people enjoy the material got spiritual comfort.

2, emphasis on style, design is not antique, retro but not in soul.

3, using simplified techniques, modern materials and processing technologies to pursue a traditional outline feature.

4, focus on decoration, whose furnishings to enhance the historical context characteristics, tend to follow the classical facilities, furniture and furnishings suited to indoor ambience.

5, white, gold, and yellow! Color, dark red is a European-style common in primary colors, a few white blend, so that colors look brighter.