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Wood application in architectural decoration

1) Palace, (2) Temple, and Temple, (3) Hall (hotel), and hotel, (4) Manor, and houses; these in we national spread down of many, most typical of Palace as: Beijing Palace Museum, and most typical of Hall as Kaifeng of mountain shaan Gan Hall, Temple, and Temple countless; Manor, and houses number of more also cannot all listed, typical of South Suzhou garden, and Central Plains Kang million Manor, and Shanxi Pingyao city,.

Manor and the application of wood in the House, we can emulate; the door cover, hanging down, hanging the plaque, plate, pillar, Sparrow, doors, screens, partitions, wall paintings, furniture and other applications: Classic decorative effect, is now used in our living room is still beautiful, generous.  

follow ancient classic, according to the existing architecture, modern aesthetics, new theme, new State and beautify life, expressing the will of the wood carving products, as tools of progress, at significantly lower costs, became widely adopted by people for home decoration, affordable arts and crafts.  

says modern decoration, gathered wood because of its art, aesthetics, culture, environmental protection and other features, the majority of families like. Now Chinese elements in the decoration, is Legion.  

wood carving in ancient China, developing concentration, there is the famous Chaozhou woodcarving, Dongyang wood carving, boxwood carving and longan wood. Four Township of wood crafting. But since the Republic of China, traditional Chinese wood carving to a sluggish stage, even some period of intermittent phenomena, many craft have been lost. Since the 90 's of the last century; with the improvement of people's lives, people's appreciation of traditional aesthetics and traditional culture, Chinese elements gradually in the modern home. Wood carving Chinese interpretation of taking everything.