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Romantic rattan lamp

antique parchment lamp  

in recent years, parchment lamp became the new darling of the market. Through the perfect texture of leather, soft light can give the House spreading a different kind of atmosphere. Sheepskin is soft, easy to do all sorts of modelling, parchment lamp has Chinese, Japanese, European, style and more. Although the price is not low, but it is still popular with many chasing trendy people of all ages.  

romantic   rattan lamp;

If you prefer Fujitake furniture, then topped with some rattan lighting exactly coordinated with the furniture. Rattan lighting style, and there is a pitcher, baskets, pots, boxes, etc. Rattan lamp is in itself a piece of Arts and crafts, good fun, and it screened light mottled, will give room to create a very special atmosphere.  

luxurious and elegant jade light  

If your House is a luxury renovated, upscale stone selection is essential. Gold price stone is priceless, elegant deluxe rooms of course, jade lamp and matching style to highlight, echo of light and shade. Jade lamp seems to be popular in recent years, only jade with color, pattern, texture, always make people reluctant to, never tires of watching.  

exquisite show how Pearl light  

Pearl lamp only Pearl-rich places are price advantages. Pearl lamp not lighting store, and in arts and crafts on the counter is on sale its precious and unique. Pearl lamp are arts and crafts, Homo habilis beautifully woven, varies the drape, delicate tassels, revealing a soft feminine style.