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Types of shower

, shower, handheld shower, head shower and lateral shower.

Second, the type of shower: hand, head and side-blown three categories


Thirdly, water, is easy to clean, quality is the key

shower water saving features is key to consider when choosing a shower. Some flowers sprinkled with steel ball valve, and to adjust the hot water controller, inflows of hot water into the mixing tank can be adjusted, so that hot water can quickly and accurately streaming. This type of shower design more reasonable than the ordinary shower water saving 50%.

Second, pay attention to shower is easy to clean. Shower outlet plug is often due to screen cover caused by the accumulation of impurities. In order to avoid the outlet blocked due to bad water quality, many shower set the capability to automatically remove scale. When you purchase can ask one more thing.

Finally, shower fittings will directly affect the comfort of its use, needs particular attention. Such as water pipes and the shower is flexible, hose with wire bending capabilities, connections with wrench-proof ball bearings, sliding bar on the Rotary controller


four, the water method:

functionality is mainly reflected in the water of the shower on the way. Water feature more common modes are:

generally, namely, bath shower water required for basic, ideal for quick-and-easy shower;

massage, refers to water powerful, intermittently pouring, can stimulate the acupuncture points of the body;

turbine type, flow into a Jet, makes the skin light slightly itchy feeling, this bath can be a great way to stimulate, sober-minded;

strong strong beam-type water flow, through collisions between currents produce fog effects, increased bathing fun.


five, the installation height, and water pressure

shower installation height can be divided into two types of shower: in accordance with the relevant provisions, covered shower walls dark outlet centres should be 2.1 meters from the ground, shower switch the Center ground is best for 1.1 m; wall mounted shower shower head shower head out of the water for general use to determine, the best distance is 2 meters. Need to be aware of is that these data are averages, the actual installation should be adjusted according to user height.

wall mounted shower switch buried pipes Zuo Re right cold Center spacing should be 150cm. buried the wall outlet with the flat tile surface, buried pipes to be perpendicular to the wall, after the installation of shower and wall at a 90-degree angle. In addition, pressure regulation is also a key: under normal circumstances, most suitable for use in shower water pressure up to 1.5 kg, hydraulic Assembly shower caused violent too small shower water pressure in normal use.