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Paint color must be fully considered

one, generally use a light on top

light feels light, dark feels heavy. Usually most of the treatment room is from top to bottom, from light to dark, such as the roof and walls of the room with white and light colored, Dado use white and light colored, skirting with dark, will give people a sense of stability of light weight, on the contrary, deep under the light gives a top-heavy on repression.

Second, choose a color varies

toward the East room were also the first to leave because early exposure to sunlight and to darken the rooms earlier, so use a light warm colors tend to be safest. South-facing room the longest sunshine time, use cool colors make people feel more comfortable and room effect is also more attractive. West-facing room due to a sunset photo of the strongest effects of the day, love in dark colors, this seems to be more comfortable. North-facing room since there is no direct exposure to sunlight, so you should tend to warm in color, and the color is lighter.

third, according to room use to select a color

room of use often determines what you should build effect. Living room should be bright, relaxing or a warm, comfortable, and restaurants can use a dark color. Always suitable for use in the kitchen light bright color, but be careful using warm colors. Corridors and the only channel in the lobby, so it can be a bold use of color. Bedroom style is determined entirely by the tastes of different people.

four, according to the shape of the room to choose color

color can change the shape of the room to a certain extent. For example, cool colors can make low ceilings seem higher, widen and narrow rooms. In the distal wall of the room with a darker color will make the move before the formation of the wall effect. A similar effect can change the look of any room.