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Different levels of contrast and combinations of blue and white

Blue and white, are typical of the Eastern Mediterranean colours. Spain and the Morocco coast to the Eastern Mediterranean of the East coast of Greece. Greece the white villages and sandy beaches and blue sea, blue sky and Zenith, even door frames, Windows, seat was blue and white color scheme, plus mixed with seashells, sand wall, pebbles, tile mosaics, gold and silver iron metal containers, different degrees of comparison and combination of blue and white to the extreme.

PART1: color classic blue and white mix

CASE1: blue-and-white minimalist Eastern Mediterranean

with comments: minimalist d├ęcor features Greece Eastern Mediterranean characteristics embodied in two colors on the use of blue and white, with a minimum of decoration presents a romantic Greece Eastern Mediterranean style.

CASE2: modern blue and white Eastern Mediterranean

with comments: Unlike traditional Greece Eastern Mediterranean style, this decoration is used to Greece Eastern Mediterranean style elements to create modern spaces. Blue-and-white color and arched design is Greece Eastern Mediterranean essence of style.

CASE3: blue and white pastoral Eastern Mediterranean

with comments: this example using decorative cloth filled with ocean flavor as the main space decoration, decoration reflects the rich blue fabric mix curve Greece Eastern Mediterranean style.

PART2: jewelry piece of fresh sea air

DECOR1: marine decorative elements

with comments: marine style decoration, small stones, tiles, shells, glass, glass beads and other materials can be creative and decorate your little corner, vases, tableware, flowers and other decorative corner.

DECOR2: blue fabric decoration

with comments: in the room, curtains, tablecloths, covers, lamp shades, are dominated by low chroma colors and cotton fabrics. Elegant small flower stripe Plaid is main style.

DECOR3: simple furnishing

with comments: furniture as much as possible the use of low degree of color, lines and trim rounded wooden furniture. Floor laying terracotta or slate.

PART3: modeling articles round arched lines

DETAIL1: arch model

with comments: "Eastern Mediterranean style" architecture is, arches and half-arches, horseshoe-shaped Windows and doors. Rounded arches and winding corridors in the building usually adopted a number of connections or perpendicular to, and watch, there extends a sense of perspective.

DETAIL2: curve decoration line + antique tiles

with comments: line is the Foundation of structural form, which is very important design element in your home. Eastern Mediterranean coast for housing or furniture line is not straight, look more natural, whether it's furniture or architecture, form a unique rounded styling.