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Accessories arrangement skills lifetime

Tip 1 symmetrical balance reasonable place

some home accessories to be grouped together, making it a Visual focus as part of symmetrical balance is very important.

next to large furniture, arranged in order from high to low on display, to avoid uncoordinated in the Visual sense.

keep two jewelry weight consistent, for example, two style lamps and side by side, both hold the same color patterns

resting side-by-side, which can not only create a harmonious sense of rhythm, but also give people peaceful and cozy feel. In addition, when displaying jewelry

before and after little big structured to highlight the characteristics of each ornament, visually you'll feel very comfortable.

Tip # 2 home accessories in conjunction with home style layout

first find the General style and tone, according to the uniform tone to put it less error-prone. For example, a simple

home design, with designer home accessories are suitable for the entire space character if it is a natural country style,

dominated by natural wind home accessories.

Tip # 3 not all home accessories

General layout, often want to show everything. But put too much lost features

Shi, first home accessories category, together with the same properties, don't show up. After classification,

can change according to season or holiday arrangements, varying the mood at home.

Tip # 4 starting from small home accessories

ornaments, pillows, tablecloths, small ornaments, such as small and medium sized jewelry is the most easy to use layout items, arrangement for beginners

to proceed from these first, and then slowly spread

bulk and larger furnishings. Small home accessories will often become the focus of vision, better reflect the owner's interest

and hobbies.

skill 5 home fabric is key

each season has a different color, pattern, home sewing, whether color fancy prints, or the China

beautiful silk, romantic lace, just need to change the different styles of home sewing, you can use a different style

than other furniture is more economical and easier to complete.

home decorating fabric colors to more harmonious unification match and enhance wholeness of the room. Hard lines and cold in the home

color, fabric can be used to soften. In spring, selection of fresh flowers, spring; in summer, choose clear

cool fruit or flower pattern; in autumn and winter, you can put on a fluffy pillow and warm for the winter.

Tip # 6 flowers and greenery bring angry

to home into nature's breath, put some flowers in the home is the simple way, particularly

seasonal arrangement, flower is important, not

with the flowers of the season will be different, you can create a different space of the season fun.

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