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Wall design and fashion trends

use background color  

soft romantic tone

Center color to soft pink. Carpets, lampshades, curtains in red and white, white furniture, local ornament blue, waves and warm atmosphere of the room.

elegant and beautiful tone

Center for rose and lavender, carpets with pale rose, sofa with thicker than carpet rose, optional Lavender curtains printed, lamp shades and lamp-rose or purple, put some green cushions and potted plants adorn walls and furniture with gray-white, elegant and beautiful effects can be achieved.

elegant and beautiful tone

Center color to pink. Sofa, lamp shade pink, pink Calico curtains, cushions, floor light brown, milk white walls, this color suits ** and girls.

gorgeous clean tones

Center color wine red, blue and gold, sofa with wine-red, red carpet dark soil, walls with bright beige, local gold embellishment, such as gold-plated Wall lamp, and added some blue as a secondary, that is gorgeous and fresh style.

light and exquisite tones

the center color is yellow and orange. Orange carpet, curtains, bedspread, yellow cloth, sofa, ceiling with gray tones, add some green foil, chic atmosphere.

wall style

green theme: with a focus on green, choice of materials, layout design, and small decorative and ornament are highlighted green, healthy, natural, ecological system designed as a family can breathe, let people at home will be able to experience the profound feelings of the join nature.

tender subject: warm colors for decorating the main selected colors, focus on creating a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in the details, to bring people to enjoy the warm sunshine.

simple theme: in black and white and color in the middle of the two selected colors, advocate simplicity in design, make the House appear smooth, wide. Matching furniture for less with the color selected homeowners can better reflect the pursuit of fashion, especially the living room.

retro theme: traditional Chinese style motif, in detail through the careful reconstruction of the designer, makes the overall effect is more implication of change, traditional style no longer seem dull, homeowners have distinctive cultures and discourses in the nostalgic taste. To set off the traditional furniture selections and create the atmosphere of traditional culture.

Audio themes: to film and music as its theme, meet the requirements of homeowners pursuing audio-visual enjoyment, highlighting the audio-visual capabilities of the living room, in the decoration on the use of Acoustics to absorb noise, emphasizing the pure sound. Especially TV theme wall, based on the homeowner's personality and hobbies into a variety of styles. The subject emphasis is to achieve the perfect combination of auditory and Visual.

art theme: calligraphy, painting, sculpture and other modern artistic means used in home design, wall selection of bright colors, combined with color light floor tiles, lighting and curtains and furniture to create a pleasant artistic atmosphere. Wall decorative paintings, handicrafts and other embellishment on it, forming a rich heritage. This theme emphasize details, such as porches, corner wall decoration.

exotic theme: absorption States of home improvement ideas, comprehensively applied to China's country home style in home design, creating exotic home environment. Wall, turned out a variety of exotic. Highlight the master style.

other topics: there are currently popular in e-age themes, games, themes and much more thematic series, your eyes discover!

walls match fashion trends

space series: final fantasy magic relief, three-dimensional spiral maze like the future transfer, roaming in the vastness Xinghai, walking in a dream space. Magic space walls, wings for your future!

antique series: graphics and point form the Totem mark of ancient civilization, culture is the Foundation of thinking, legends of East and West represent a different dream. Magic space backdrop for your stay!

fashion series: one of the most popular is the most classic by international tastes trend-setting trends, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Chinese style, includes different styles, the evil space walls, hangs on the wall in your fashion trend!

Mensa series: Mensa is derived from Latin "round table" mean, Mensa blend of talent, symbol texture with a high IQ Puzzle represents the creativity, knowledge, graphic, numeric, quiz, puzzles, calculation, puzzles, mazes and other Mensa quiz, the evil space walls, let you enjoy "intellectual surfing!"