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New ideas of contemporary hotel design

1, from a single hotel to the Conference Hotels, apartment hotels, hotel and leisure stores of diversified development, with comprehensive national strength enhanced and the motherland North and rich folklore and tourism resources, nearly 20 years after the peak of the development of city business hotel, in the decades ahead. Is bound to usher in the Conference Hotel, theme hotels, especially resort hotel development opportunity, these hotels are selected planning or functions with the city business hotel is not the same. Guests don't understand the requirements of these hotels not only fitness, leisure and recreational activities, facilities, care about food choices and arrangements of various tourism projects, the area in which they request should have a distinct character, rich in historical and cultural connotations. Cabaret to arrange a meeting and Conference Center   also have a different medium and small conference rooms and,  based on the reception in the Convention Center staff arrange Conference dining for large and medium sized restaurants and facilities.  


2, environmental protection, green, sustainable national and regional characteristics of the design, hotel design, China will be the future development direction. In style, flowers are blooming at the same time will eventually form their own new national characteristic. Hotel design should hold high the banner of environmental protection, green and sustainable development, adhere to the absorption of local, ethnic and folk culture. Hotel embodies a unique cultural identity in order to determine each hotel its own image. Therefore, the hotel designer to research project "cultural", including the local culture, national culture, history and culture, such as in the initial design and reasonable to locate the cultural connotations of good hotels, the hotel has a rich cultural heritage and a lot of charm, and bring guests to enjoy not just the physical, emotional, and spiritual.  

3, while focusing on local culture at the same time, increasingly modern, minimalist style and fashion. Architecture and interior design to this day there are so many styles and ... Hotel design trend after the severe shock or beyond, Ying won the new balance again. Hotel designers will neo-classical and the breeze aside trivial decoration. Propagation of simple, sophisticated structure implied in clean modern style, simple and bright clean space development in exquisite furniture, lamps, art and furnishings. To keep Hotel fashion, hotel designer to independent innovations and unconventional. This is a long and never stopped working. Designers have new ideas, new ideas, this new technology and the pursuit of fashion before the hotel tree of life is green.