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Bedding choices

as human of second layer skin, bedding of select should main consider its "light, and soft, and moisture sex, and warm sex, and environmental sex, and breathable sex", performance, more important of is environmental health, and can care we of skin; Meanwhile, we need a Zhang performance superior of mattress, needed breathable thermal capacity good, and has soft hard moderate, personal and support force better, can protection spine of natural bent, for human shape and gravity distribution, not only can makes body the part are get uniform and personal of support and support, Protection spine overall are bit and neck, and chest, and waist paragraph of natural radian, also can makes body the part of muscle get relaxation and rest; addition, mattress play best effect need good of row skeleton to support, so also need a soft hard moderate, and overall support force better and meet human structure weight distribution of row skeleton, and can regulation bed overall of soft hardness, makes people of spine in zero pressure of State Xia sleep; certainly, we also need good of bed frame to support whole ZHANG bed, it of beautiful and good of support sex, and breathable sex is key.

in fact, no bed fit all right for everyone, after all, everyone's body shape features, each needs preferences, comfortable feel and the feel of the fabrics, materials are not the same. Therefore a suitable bed varies, everyone needs to be selected based on the actual situation of their own: choose the style, the design of suitable raw materials and materials, suitable ... ...