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Home decorations to match?

on the environmental bandwagon, original jewelry has become a new favorite in recent years. Its material is natural wood, Wicker, iron, bone, etc, first year living in reinforced concrete urban white-collar workers feeling the breath of nature, and also conforms to the requirements of environmental protection.

wood ornaments tend to be more casual, can be placed anywhere in the room. Traditional material, camphor, Elm, mahogany teak majority, most common in Chinese and Southeast Asian style. In recent years, Acacia wood, mango wood gradually increased, because the wood is soft, easy to shape, its wood is cheap enough, in modern style with emphasis on styling, this type of jewelry is used more and more.

compared to wood products for simple, like clocks, carved, candlesticks, wrought iron accessories, exterior cold makes them very popular in the summer. From the early casting forging, then the best welding, wrought-iron durability improvement. Some people are worried about rust, paint technology can be a good solution to this problem, the best powder is the most expensive, followed by high-temperature paint, the worst since the dried paint. High-end jewelry such as welding painting, not only will not rust, not paint, maintenance is simple, cloth stained with neutral detergent to scrub vacuum dry.

rattan jewelry in addition to manual skill outside the fine, it mainly depends on the material, can be roughly divided into rattan, Bai Tenghe Red Vines. Bamboo and rattan for agate vine, also known as "King of the vine", this is the most expensive choice vine, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Experts recommend, old vines than the young vines, if the surface wrinkles, indicating young vines and processed, poor toughness, corrosion and break easily. Available when you select the Palm on a surface wipe away again, feeling the smooth belong to the quality of clearance products.

mix tips: home accessories, in principle, should be few but good. Original accessories for building rural, but to avoid the result of piling up excessive decoration. As some families with marble floors, has a rotating bar at the same time, in the bedroom on the tobacco products, but is affectation. May be appropriate to add some seasonal flowers, add space interests in different seasons.