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Nantong decorated using color in the winter to warm your home

winter is coming, how should we make our own home renovation?

winter theme: depression and cold, so we just hope that, back home, we feel the warmth of home. This winter, get color to warm your home bar! In powder pink, powder blue, green, yellow, bright purple, lemon yellow, blue and mustard greens, sweet color tone, today we will talk about how to make them to warm your home.

orange. The charm of Orange, is that it's full of health and vitality, dissemination of infinite momentum. In the cold season, in particular, gives people a warm feeling. With an orange to decorate the space, creating a space just right temperature rhythm, which greatly enhance the quality of the overall space, and also full, warm up on the vision.

Avandia organ shade of Orange, and give you a Visual sense of warmth, energy-saving insulation also has outstanding performance, high thermal insulation values, good thermal insulation between the window and the room can be achieved, greatly reduce the window heat flux. Winter heating in the House, you were afraid it was so easy to run away?

peach powder. Speaking of peaches, how will you kiss it? Purely fruit color, mellow fruit, still plump and juicy taste? Sweet peach powder is warm and dreamy feeling so warm during the cold season appropriate. Also, Pink is synonymous with romantic, light is a favorite of little girls, deep is full of sexy personality.

pink dot's home, that is how many young girls dream bedroom environment of?! Under the pink dot, Windows look very bright, faint glows with the scenery outside the window. Extremely comfortable! Such a home, you don't love?

green. Green is the most vibrant color in decoration, are widely used in a variety of spaces. Suitable fresh Apple green with a large area of white or beige mix, enhance the Apple green color and temperature, also improved the luminance of the bedroom, there's a natural feeling.

Green, exclusive color of the spring and summer and winter, we need more green. Green Shutters, decorating spaces at the same time, can cover up to the window of that with a bleak. Make the space more vibrant.