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Three causes you to easily select the wallpaper

1. wallpaper in the production process is to go through a lot of industrial processing, we use a lot of chemicals, which includes formaldehyde and benzene. If the knowledge that those who really know about decoration, believe the name is familiar, which has a great deal of harm to the human body. So, to your family's health, be sure to choose eco-friendly wallpaper.

good, eco-friendly wallpaper is no pungent smell, when you select a wallpaper, if you smell the pungent smell, you wall paper must be in the hands of formaldehyde.

a lot of people like to smell the smell, don't know if notes, "benzene" such chemicals are aromatic. So, when someone told you that, what wallpaper flavour when you pay attention. Of course, not all the flavour of the wallpaper is not environmentally friendly, there was a wallpaper made of natural wood are harmless, this fragrance is different from benzene, its aroma is subtle, aromatic fragrance to smell your head will spin.

2. wallpaper material is divided into many, generally does not distinguish between non-professionals. In fact, consumers can ask to see plain paper and non-woven wallpaper  . These two materials are environmentally friendly and which are durable, resistant to paint wash flame retardant and so on, have some advantages. Again look at the wallpaper the back color, yellow, then it must not good raw materials. Wallpaper the back is plain white, because the raw materials are of natural wood pulp, if you see the back of wallpaper is yellow, that it has the potential to be recycled. 

branding is important

wallpaper is a big difference between a production from different regions, you can choose some familiar, reassuring brand, so that at least the risk is much smaller. These people can go online to search, check all wallpaper brands advantage, choice.