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Blue and white resides the age of innocence

designer Zhu Wenqi in Shanghai encountered has such a customer: one young of girls, career small has success, amateur time hobby dance, enjoy with single nobles of free life, temperament romantic in the also retained with some innocence, in downtown acquisition has a 135 square meters two room two Office of senior apartments, she wants to in this downtown City of over has himself party unique of dream niche, return pure.

living room is designed with a stage effect, strongly decorative, cloth sofa particularly eye-catching.

the ultimate in blue and white

learn more about his background, requirements and aspirations, Zhu Wenqi put forward their own ideas, that is: blue and white built the dream world. In her view, blue and white represents innocence and romance, but also for relaxing and quiet, representing warmth and pleasure, as well as communication and trust. These are young with their owners, independent, and romantic, yet pure temperament.

after you determine the color, designers turn to determine the style of the House: simple, modern Eastern Mediterranean style. Eastern Mediterranean style has always been a pure romantic love for the people, and the use of blue and white color, and Eastern Mediterranean style boasts, and the House color design ideas and style in this perfect fit, a series of room design and furniture design in this context was smooth and nice interpretation. Thus, we see a blue and white color contrast display, also saw the Eastern Mediterranean style furniture perfectly.

in addition to overall design, designers with great attention to detail to create, in many small place full of style and relaxation. Room floor with white distressed wood floors, door frames and skirting the distressed ivory. The doorframe of the room into a decorative frame lines, to increase the decorative space. Of using fabric curtains, sofas and other places, takes full advantage of stand out against the blue and white colors. Material of fabric, cotton is selected. Cotton is not only comfortable, environmentally friendly, and very easy to get closer, visually increase natural pure atmosphere.

restaurant design with great attention to detail, from a painting on the wall to the dining table furnishings are carefully selected.

birds, chickens and other decorations, home is full of rustic, return to nature.

full meaning of decoration design

because of the owner's hobby and demand to know in detail, also did a lot of ingenious design and decoration.

living room with couch, designers made a very special design, is the specially designed cloth. This cloth is shaped like a wedding dress, on behalf of the girl's yearning and longing for love, meaning a beautiful wedding. When we learned that after this layer of meaning, this chic sofa in blue and white backdrop looks romantic. Restaurant section, we chose a ballerina painting, reflects the owner's hobby, life is full of dance in the United States. Bedroom bedding choose a set of blue and green. Blue and green represents trust, represented a clear direction, a sense of security. It also reflected his confident, independent personality, full confidence in yourself, not to lose oneself. Dining table furnishings are carefully selected on the bedside table. Angel meaning master of the flowers inside pure romance, chickens, birds, and so on, and show her emotional side of innocence not vanished.

due to limited space, designers will study mixed with dressing rooms, fully meet the requirements of owners.

there are two to be mentioned in the highlights, is the home of the large floor to ceiling mirrors and crystal chandeliers. Family this side of the border is made up of several large floor mirror surfaces mirror tiles. Designers design, want to imagine to Eastern Mediterranean beaches, at home to create a sunny beach, return to innocence of nature. Crystal lamps are specifically customised, Lampshade design decorative sequins. Designers hope the home, looked up to see crystal chandeliers sparkling light, they seemed like stars in the sky can bring to the master shine and energy.