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Smart green element satisfies the greatest desire for natural

modern people lack of close contact with nature, are so popular this year is a different conceptualization of naturalism, but rather in the nature of all implants was determined to be, seems to make it new followers meet. Among them, the Greens are indispensable, even in the highest Tower of modern people aspire to live in among the real plant. Fine bamboo, stone, water, trees and fashion are part of a home life, always pleasant living heart.

custom vine that you like will naturally increase the effectiveness of tea room to relax and comfortable.

bamboo achieve bathroom wet and dry area

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design of the bamboo partition is located in bathrooms, an area of about 1.5 square meters.

in the bamboo partition between the bathroom sink and tub, Visual feel closer to nature. A few tall bamboo not only makes people feel physically and mentally very cool, and bamboo place just separates the basins and the bathtubs, achieve the purpose of separate wet and dry.


bamboo indoors, of course it is difficult to survive, but this is not to say that not only appear in the natural feel of faux bamboo. First of all, do some small round holes in the ground, covered with fine gravel and buried the bottom of bamboo. Then, the fresh bamboo painted the nature green and insect-resistant corrosion protection by means of treatment, then bamboo into the gravel, and fixed it up. According to the owner's hobby, will cut the bamboo into a different height.

comments: using raw wood or natural plants for decoration and is the more common design approach. Can be used anywhere in the home, decorated, cut off or background are very good. But be careful with lighting, making the home environment more fashion. Also in the living room with a row of half of rough wood combined with glass and light play effect, looks lived in the forest; or, in a corner of the Hall or staircase location, directly plant at home to make a plant effect. (Parties, independent designer)

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green vines on the walls "manman"

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tea room by 0.3 square meters of area design of climbing plants.

more and more people want to set tea room at home, because it is another space for relaxing. Of course, the tea room does not have to be independent of space, as long as the tea in a corner of the living room coffee table, or on the carpet will be able to enjoy, but coordination with the tea set, coffee table space, greenery, such as custom vine that you like will naturally increase the effectiveness of relaxed comfort.


in fact, as long as planting a vine, and is given in the wall for climbing fixed point of leverage, you can complete most of green tea works. By design, according to the tea space features enable green vines for the mode you want to climb the wall, you can also make the whole wall in the leaves and vines surrounded by winding down, but be sure to plant care, in case of damaged walls.

comment: this is the most common form of naturalistic design, but attention to the selection of Evergreen plants, or in the winter only the vine, that's not good. The plant walls can be used in the living room, lounge, bedroom, balcony, but bearing in mind and other decoration combinations, green in the case of carpets, mats and curtains are echoed and plants, produce the best effect. (Sarah,HOLA Hola design consultants)

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through through the skylight of the Sun and plants fresh, make this space was exuberant.

sunshine leisure + trees


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leisure room, area of approximately 1 square meters planted with young trees.

a room designed as a leisure area with a skylight, apparently very cozy where rest, drink tea and chat at the same time if you can not only see the sky, and see what Green is, of course, a kind of enjoyment. Therefore, planted some young trees under a skylight, through skylights through sunlight, plants can be easily grown, while light and plant brought exuberant natural atmosphere.


this and other indoor plants the same way, first to ensure land available for plant growth, buried in the soil in the plant, and then covered with a layer of fine gravel to avoid dirty indoor flooring. Necessary to remind that, indoor only one plant would become prominent weird, so beside the other pot of essential, the shape is best to level out coherently.

comment: this only applies to the Villa of a layer, first of all to ensure plant growth in the soil, and good room lighting can highlight the natural environment. Ground handling is very important, wood must be treated wood, effect looks natural and is not afraid of water infiltration. If not planted directly in the ground conditions, also be potted and half-buried in the ground. (Chang Tao and Ke Bao boloni home decorating co designers)

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tall plants blending with water in the living room

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a window in the living room, using ground 3 square meters, the walls 10 square metres of space design of plant landscape.

pool of irregular ground modelling, coordination with tall plants and water features, which can save the indoor area, but also to ensure a lively flow of space. Irregular is the most eye-catching collage wall and water use, this rock-like effects make the space more natural. Tall plants can absorb sunlight, but also ensures the water, with walls, water features exist side by side.


central to this landscape wall water features and ground plants combined with. Because of the brick wall rock, in the continued construction of the wall, and the planned location of the pool, laying pipes. Engineering, waterproofing of the most important, ground water around the area to be expanded to sink and marble pool, reserved plants and laying pipes. After the construction and inspection of foundation engineering, landscape construction work can be carried out.

comments: in a corner of the living room with tall green plants meet the effect pool is a good method of creating, but in this scenario, the project focus is not on the plants, but the pool. Pool of available cord or the hose on the ground fixed shape, then closed on the pool bottom substrates, and paving stones. But sunken pools is trouble to sabotage the base layer, waterproofing must be done again, and strict construction. Pools and pool wall must be guaranteed at the end of a substrate, but this type of pool is not recommended for children and elderly people are often active room. (JI Yun, Chief Designer Dong Sheng decorate company)

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modern living building but a yearning to live in plant leaves.

Designer reminded

small space decorating is more practical

Chang Tao and Ke Bao boloni home decorating co designers

Interior design great natural landscape in the Villa or a larger room is more appropriate, if small, natural decoration is a waste of space, you might consider using plants as a partition, in short, is more practical.

in addition, pools and plants in interior design with a combination of landscape, plants need dirt easy to pollute water, breed of small flying insects, so choose water plants, water the plants in the best pot plants, area is not large, to keep the water clean, but also showed the relative independence of the design and landscape. Cleaning easier, remove the pot, cleaning water stain cleaner, water, gardening water just looks neat and transparent can. Fish and plants in the water to keep the water fresh. Drains must have a filter, filter impurities and then discharges.

private experience

hanging plants cut off

ABI, female, 29, freelance

we're having a green curtain, especially beautiful. The idea is that when my husband curtains, he mounted curtain rail mounted directly to the living room and dining room between the bar and then hauled a lot of pot of Chlorophytum, spider plants look very lush now, hanging a lot of very long leaves, forming a green screen, hanging between the living room and dining room, forming a natural edge. Friend praises to my house this very creative. But downside is that Spider plant pot watering a lot of trouble, have to stand on a chair just watering, pour water may spill leaves dirty ground. Suggested that there was this intended to open a ditch in the ground covered with fine gravel, wet floor so that you are not afraid of water.