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Small kitchen remodeling of fuzzy spatial demarcation

this type of kitchen users, often Dan Gui or enjoy a world of two lovers, kitchen cooking function is not their first consideration, all they care about is probably the kitchen of personalized functionality, compatibility, and even change. What they want is actually happy, relaxed.

the small area of the kitchen, did not necessarily appear in the small apartment houses, in this day and age, MINI more often is an attitude, it's like MINI car founder put it.

another scenario is that because residents rarely Cook, so for large proportion of the cooking area and the area to those areas that are more important to him. But no matter what kind of users, MINI kitchen can be beautiful there.

small set can be an open kitchen, cabinets meet the basic equipment,

If a single sink and a stove, a microwave oven and a fridge.

all workspaces are arranged on the wall – usually in the space, corridors

narrow circumstances, save space. Work should not be too long, otherwise inefficient.

without prejudice to the case of channel may cause a can be adjusted or collapsible Panel for a rainy day.

If conditions allow, you can install an active sliding doors, eliminating oil fume on interference with other spaces.

If it is not convenient, a shutter can also play a role in barrier range hood, just not so easy to clean.