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4 bedroom style creating a romantic Tanabata night

Tanabata days bedrooms, must be with the usual don't like to view sunset enjoy a candlelight dinner outside, and then return to the warmth of home ... ... After all, love's final home is built in a romantic and cozy family, has a warm and intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. So don't hesitate, get well prepared for next, prepare for your partner a romantic and exotic bedroom.

pink tenderness

pink sets the overall tone of the wall, gives a Dim romantic feeling. Grey wool carpet, and very natural white curtains and pink too. White bedside cabinets and a small table with rattan drawer, with blue tray on the table and the blue lamp, is the overall tone of lively pen, blue vase decorated with small round mirror on the dresser and small squid. Gray-white bed covered with a pink bedspread, white sheets blue pink white pillow cushion, warm and comfortable

warm and beautiful

bed primary wall to the Mocha Brown base, constitute the main tone, the wall is a white rectangular frame in the Centre and two miniature frame. Adjacent to the walls is gray-white, layered, excessive nature. Light Brown wool carpets are still gray echoed the theme. Bed was covered with pink bedspreads and white pillows and small Brown and white patterned cushions, pink only bright colors in the layout as a whole, quite eye-catching. White bedside table and white glove, with a rattan drawer, small desk lamp white frame and pink shades, Cabinet decorated with white lanterns and a few flowers.

quiet and classic

gray-green walls, fresh and pleasant, silver picture frame on the wall in each other. Grey carpet and green still coexist in harmony. White curtains close to white bedside tables, complement the green tones. White on the black bracket white shade bedside table lamp, bedside Cabinet is the jewelry box and small vases and wooden pallets. Patterns of light blue gray bedside Panel for the quiet of the room with a unique dynamic. White linen pillow and cushion blanket of powder blue is a continuation of the Green, very good response on the subject.

send bright and pure

theme wall surface is bright aqua blue, is a small white box in the Centre of the wall, the remaining walls grey, a good foil to the main wall. Ground is solid oak flooring, the floor was covered with gray tones with plush carpet. Bed was covered with white sheets and blue thin quilt-blue pillows, bedside Cabinet set the blue tray and Blue Vase, continue to strengthen the theme colors. White pendulum clock and delicate on the bedside table lamp, fully modern. Overall feeling she stunning in blue, the other color scheme is to enhance the feeling.