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Plain decoration are in fashion this winter

now, home decor reflects people's desire for nature, style concept is less, the quiet harmony of colors, simple and practical structures, present a kind of spiritual life and endless imagination of space, winter season, plain decoration can also be very warm.  

living room: cold and warm tones create seasons  

relaxed and comfortable environment reflects more of a yearning for a natural, even in the fall and winter seasons, rather dull heavy home decor too. Colors can affect your mood, is the key to create atmosphere and style.  

living room of wall surface is was relax neural of shallow Brown, retained has wall surface original of texture, makes room of overall tones is elegant, no too much of furniture, white of sofa let deep brown slightly explicit heavy of furniture crisp up, shades different of blue dotted, let room in has has a smart of rhythm, wall surface, and furniture, and fabric tones of harmony match, rich has space level.  

restaurant: Accessories for the space into a warm  

placement of table determines the atmosphere of this restaurant, combination of dark gray mix fresh warmth of the colors, as if a bunch of broke through the clouds over the city of gray's shining light, make the space flow in elegant,  

rich warm tone. Bright light can make the room space, accessories should not be overlooked is the focus, lighting, flower, candle holders of different color and texture Fusion will make home look and feel balanced. Blue and white accessories summer choice, heighten the atmosphere match the weight of the furniture and fabrics, convey the warm breath of autumn, and style these ornaments should be similar.  

bedroom:   fabric contrast warm atmosphere;

natural and fresh style popular this season, people's living space is more and more respect for comfort and nature, and cloth can easily transform space style. Bedrooms are always surrounded by soft fabric, change bedding, curtains, cushions, color, and texture, add some fabric furniture. Comfort is the most important, wool, cotton, cashmere quality brings fullness, soft feel, hazy hues more gentle, mixing colors and patterns, creating a warm thick and comfortable atmosphere.  

warm shades of furniture with some neutral and cool tones fabrics, color set off each other, creating a warm atmosphere at the same time, intoxicating Winter Romance. Thick matching cushions, pillows on the bed, warm to the touch, conveys a sense of sureness, placed free, add some gray blue, immediately let in fresh reveals a round and warm.

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