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China wind volume home furnishings industry

with the 2008 "year of China" coming home Chinese wind swept through once again. This year, however, this China Wind China will no longer all elements stacked together, but fused with modern style.  

Chinese element: make  

wanted to create an antique Chinese space will not be easy, the owner not only to understand the layout of the space, features and characteristics of, and well versed in the heart of the traditional culture. Chinese-style rooms is about "God of both" most solemn and elegant visual effect, bearing qualities, and modern residential patterns and area restrictions, cannot be fully transposed to imitate.  

at this point, the owner can select from several Chinese classic pop one or two to be slightly improved, that is decorated with the modern approach to interpretation of classical Chinese elements, so classical charm, we highlighted. Such as embedded in it on a blank wall grilles, light projections in the past, the actual situation in interlaced spaces, add Oriental mystical mood. Or screen, partition wall, Chinese knotting, calligraphy and painting, blue-and-white porcelain and other traditional elements into the simplicity of space, can also create a Chinese flavor.  

furniture: Chinese style and modern mix  

Chinese style furniture quite satisfactory, for many young people, suspicion inevitably dull. Thus, taking into account the practical needs of modern life, many Chinese furniture began to embrace more modern elements, not only broadens the scope of application of the old furniture, will lead a different kind of aesthetic style.  

Chinese, modern elements, mix and match furniture are made of glass on the table made of Elm wood shelf;--is still the traditional form, but the material is not solid wood, but changed it to steel back plus leather seat covers. In addition, two peaceful coexistence or armchair and sofa, camphor wood chest reconstruction of around around the coffee table modern sofa, tall fashion bar is traditional Chinese text image ... ... Antique reveals a simple and plain, makes the overall effect more spiritual space, full of vitality.  

color: broken dignified dark desalination  

Red and black are the most elements of China's signature color, furniture and accessories are often darker black, or very bright red and yellow. But if the rooms are using these colors will appear too dignified, bringing repressed feelings. So choose Chinese-style d├ęcor, you need to consider all the overall color space.  

If you select the furniture, colors should be harmonious with the wall itself, rather than mutual robbing "market". At this point, the walls should stay white without too many decorations, it's easier for Chinese furniture personality is revealed, but also increases the sense of space.  

in addition, Chinese-style decoration can also use a lot of fashion colors. Carved on a partition should be dark brown, the owner can be painted white, echoed other Chinese home accessories in the room, play a role in overall tone harmonic space. Meanwhile, placing green plants in the Chinese-style space also can regulate the heavy tone, because plants not only make a space life, lived for a long time owner, also help to soothe the spirit.