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Complete decoration design perfect drawings 4 essential

in the decoration after the end of, many consumers will find your home renovation overall result is not satisfactory, and falls far short of the expected. Design of Jinhua Wang Songshi, Director of the Institute, told reporters: "this is due to the complete design of the home owners is not strong, they always purchases the furniture, wood, fabric, due to their mastery of the style are not allowed, could easily undermine the overall decoration effect. The other hand, also associated with designs provided by the company, and many designers, basically complete the programme's design and soft furnishings design is very unprofessional. There are many designers even design is incomplete. "Wang Songshi said to reporters, there are 4 kinds of drawings in full is essential in the design of key factors.

A  the original floor plan

many home owners at the time of initial communication with designers, will find many good design ideas of the designers, but at a later stage decoration is often found in those who persuade them to design the process it is difficult to achieve. Wang Songshi told reporters, without housing beams, columns, floors, bearing walls, restriction of time, designers can play great. But the home must be suitable for the situation and to meet the demand for owner-occupied housing, so it can reflect the housing situation of the original floor plan is very important.

here the original floor plan with the developers of the housing plan is not the same as was measured after designers can provide the exact data needed to design the floor plan. "Wall thickness, door width, height, width and height of the window, Bay window (window) width, height, high beams, floors and balcony railing width, height, kitchen (flue pipes), kitchen, bathroom and drainage to the original position, reserved air conditioning pipes, switches and other specific size and position will directly affect the home design. "Said Wang Songshi, which is the key to designing thought can be put into practice.

B  plan  

on the basis of the original floor plan, designer floor plans should also be provided, which is the total programme of home construction. Graphic design should have a wall, column location dimensions and exact proportion. Floor plans finalized to be recognized by home owners. Like needed not need Xuan shut design, shoes Cabinet, and decorative partition how design owners most like; living room of air conditioning put in where, TV cabinet, and sofa of towards how arrangements owners most comfortable; kitchen kitchen cabinet location (doors number), wash dish basin location, and stoves location, and disinfection cabinet location, and refrigerator location, also has toilet wash basin, and seat toilet, and shower between of layout way, are to meet home owners of live habits. In the plan, designers, in addition to indicating the spatial distribution and size, also marked the decorations of the specific shape and size, which requires the use of materials and technology.

in addition, top design, water distribution, the circuit configuration, too detailed. Ensure that the construction, decoration parts distribution is reasonable.

C  design renderings

design effect drawing is based on graphic design, results in perspective of the renovated form. Through the effects of the show, decorating the owner renovated the overall effect more clearly, it is also an important factor affecting owners decide whether to adopt the designer's designs.

design effect drawing of both black and white and color, color renderings can be a true, directly show the decorative surface colors, owners of family decoration material selection and construction workers can also help. It should be noted is that renderings of finishes in the actual construction of the material and process limitations, it is difficult to fully achieve, so Wang Songshi reminds home owners, actual finishes and design effect drawing of a certain gap between is normal.

design and construction of D 

construction drawing is the basis of renovation to be carried out, specific guidance on each of the work, the process of construction. Construction plans need to put all project requirements, materials and technical requirements of construction technology in the form of drawings, such as give construction workers for accurate, smooth organization and completion of the works.

according to Wang Songshi introduction, construction drawings including elevations, sections and nodes. Construction elevations are orthographic projection of the interior walls and decorative objects, you need to indicate the interior elevation, ceiling decoration size and advanced modeling of relationship between size, wall decoration, style and material, location, size, height of walls and doors, Windows, partitions, wall and roof, cohesive and so on. Decorative surface of the profile is cut to express the construction posed by way of forms, materials and major supporting member interaction. Section needs tagging for more sizes and construction technology practices.

node graph is the intersection point of two or more decorative surface, cut in a vertical or horizontal direction, to indicate the connection between the decorative surface and fixation. Decorative surface of the nodes should showing the junction structure, note there are more dimensions and construction method of close, edge.