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Should pay attention to decoration and display errors

in the bedroom decoration, awareness about the relationship between decoration and decoration is often not clear. Often see families, decoration companies made all the furniture, home had no furnishings. In fact, interior decoration is a complementary relationship, renovated the restrictive furnishings, furnishing and decoration service and impact. Interior design and decoration style is different, with its style matches the layout is different. So, good decoration must have matching furnishings. I decorated my home network to remind owners: in decoration and display, there are a few errors should be noted and corrected.

1, blindly spending money. As long as more expensive material is more upscale, and that's wrong, sometimes exclusive, jewel-like decoration and decoration, it makes people feel bad. Good material for fitment and decoration is not high and spend money, but decorated bedroom layout, accessories of harmony by creating a warm and comfortable, harmonious natural environment.

2, lack of co-ordination and consideration. Decoration does not consider decorative ingredient, is often decorated furnishings, and spend a lot of money after the decoration and furnishings covered. So the decoration should be taken into account when earlier arranged display of location and decoration make a reasonable arrangement.

3, dealing with improper decorated furnishings, decoration light decoration. Imagine a room if the only framework of decoration and no decorative items will look. Is often the small display of decorations, was able to make room to have some fun, and these small things is a reflection of the owner in the spiritual hierarchy needs.

therefore, the decoration must have certain technical and universal, and furnishings can also host cultural and personality.