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Evolution of the bathroom

in the European view, embody the master grade is not the living room, but the bathroom. Therefore, the bathroom is beautiful and very special about the aesthetic taste of the master. Create a unique boutique bathroom exactly how many possible? Look and unique objects, do not wonder at how such things can occur in the bathroom, only to my surprise, nothing, your bathroom, don't you need to change?  

chic scene dressing room  

many people only in the fine dried noodles in the bathroom mirror, for dress purposes. Simple life may wish to add a little luxury, to the hostess opened a quiet makeup dresser in the bathroom will add to the whole space smell perfumed, full of charming attractions.  

moving dresser with rich content. Bathroom large enough, you can select moving Dresser, open table, built a small vanity mirror, which can receive all kinds of cosmetics. Dresser used synthetic material resistant to water, not because the deformation of damp, more suitable for bathroom use.  

modular dressing table to save space. Modular dressing table, embedded in the Cabinet, the overall sense, but also save space. Seemingly a flat piece, used when Panel is open, became a dressing table with a mirror. Combo novel with three drawers, drawers can be stacked in change of underwear and bits and pieces of cosmetics, are all part of the perfect makeup. Draw makeup woman dressing like this for like, a few will be able to dress up is completed, save their time.  

large seat   comfort and convenience. Next to a Chair in the dressing table, towels to hang up your clothes, you can pile of magazines, of course, can sit on the rest, fantasy, trance. Chairs should be waterproof, wood, rattan can be considered suitable bathroom Chair best picture width is large and easy to move. The time constraint in the morning, beautiful girls makeup immediately after shower, a comfortable chair can relieve anxiety before starting work.  

totally-enclosed Cabinet makeup beautiful luxury. With imported white matt lacquer sealed spray makeup cabinets, bright and luxurious, carved mirror can be hung on the wall or standing on the dresser. Use the dresser, the best is on a French Windows, you can see outside of the natural landscape, or the background green background. This type of Dresser bathroom suitable for large space needed and the entire room decoration and other furniture styles are consistent, and include the dresser sits below the TA, in the workmanship and material requirements are relatively high.  

Special Note:  

dressing table mirror the most important  

No Dresser mirror, just like people with missing eyes, a mirror of shape and size depends on the size and characteristics of the dresser. Mirror, the reflection into the complex next to the mirror, is not conducive to view specific; mirror is too small, it seemed petty, nor play a decorative effect. In Dresser of design Shang, mirror or and Dresser keep consistent of style and independent became part, or and Dresser keep 1:1, and 1:2 of proportion; or and Dresser phase combination, in surface design a cover covered Board surface, in within layer embedded Shang mirror, using Shi will Panel open, on into has with mirror of dresser, can according to bathroom area of size select appropriate of makeup mirror.  

when Windows yunbin, high expectations for the light, remove the dresser partial lighting, natural light is the best light, but the light should be kept over on a person's face or body, rather than sprinkled directly on the mirror. Light is not too strong, let your eyes can play a good role in checks. On the artificial light, mirror front lamp and Dresser lamp performance is also quite good.  

chic scene two wine estates  

not surprising, there is no desire to drink a cup of fun at bath time? If a close friend visiting, would like to in the privacy of your place to show her new sexy lingerie, not to sit in the bathroom, then drink a cup of what? Pick a line with bathroom style wine cabinets, with a glass of wine, some anecdotes, let everybody relax.  

Italy small bar as a whole. Popular bathroom cabinets – round now full of the shape of the curve is the overall pressure from; generous drawers made of the volume of private liquor to keep the mystery of beauty, gold-plated handle makes a fine old, spotlights shine, a luxurious ambience as if spilled out from the liquor cabinet. Put it in the bathroom, must be able to become the center of exchange between subject and object, create an alternative friendly environment.  

solid wood and iron bars. Another popular wine cooler, from a material point of view, wine cooler with lots of cherry wood and black tie selected the wrought-iron decoration. Elegant shape, contrast of lines, arcs and curves complement each other, fashion came into being. Place it on a corner of the bathroom, can play a positive role as a focus.  

country-style wine Cabinet. There is also a wine Cabinet, in order to maintain overall coherence, except wine Cabinet outside the Middle using special materials such as glass, otherwise use solid wood of the same color, exudes a rustic country casual feeling. Warm night, Dim the lights, open sound, muffled saxophone in the ears, close friends and loved ones together bazhan to drink, it is really the best things in life.  

Special Note:  

Bathroom Cabinets waterproof  

different from the traditional wine cabinets, modern bar design style is distinctive, stylish and can meet the needs of different age groups and families. Even if it does not drink, a fine wine cabinets as well as home decorating a little grace or unruly. Because the bathroom wet features, it is recommended that you choose the best metal or plate frame mosaic glass wine cabinets, modern sense on the one hand, and such bar light, covers an area of small, waterproof and dust-proof. Wine made from glass cabinets full of dynamic tension between clear and transparent wine, sing, do not have tone.