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Tips: design interior style

home indoor environments can not only give people a strong sense of beauty, often embody a certain style and atmosphere, gives a strong infection, commonly referred to as relaxed and happy, quiet, elegant, simple, gorgeous, elegant and innovative fashion is used to describe the style and atmosphere.

     family bedroom environment by need of style and atmosphere main is according to room of uses, and nature and live who career, and character, and education, and hobby to decided of, indoor decorative design who should combined live people of psychological, and physiological, and aesthetic and human engineering, and Visual feel, many factors developed design, determine style tone, then again select different decorative material, and decorative means, and performance form, and color and layout pattern. But different uses, properties, use the object space should be given to different feelings, where bedroom quiet atmosphere, the living room should be warm and lively atmosphere.

Home Interior design style are as follows:  

1. Simple and elegant interior style: many people like to decorate with simple beauty, such as lime or plaster painted walls, only spell flooring with wood varnish or paint the ground color, paint on the floor waxing, character wood furniture, with potted plants, window curtain or curtain, gives a concise, simple and natural feel.  

2. Ornate decorative style: some people like room with gorgeous beautiful, high precious materials, furniture and equipment is used to decorate the room. Wall with advanced materials such as aluminium and magnesium alloy or brocades, high wall coverings, wallpaper decoration. Floored with marble or high planks or pure wool carpet flooring, furniture using wood or metal furniture, the room lit by large luminous ceilings, window curtains available alloys, put some antiques or art in a room, this room is decorated with ornate noble style.

3. Classical Chinese style: Classic decorating style is simple, elegant, perfect workmanship, lines crisp and simple, color simple and solemn. For example the living room lounge and dining corner with six screens, isolating or landscape paintings of ancient Chinese characters on the screen; place-Sin Ming table, armchair, table and chairs; potted plants on the set in the middle of the table, table cutlery, and with a strip of Ming style Cabinet. Classical Chinese-style decoration with ceramic stools, wall panels, wall paintings, silk, ceramics, jade bamboo carving, japanning, Zhu Cui floral, porcelain and stone antique antiques to decorate the room.  

4. Western style decorating style: some people like Western-style décor, should say Western-style décor, including furnishings, different, ancient and modern, Britain, France and Italy all are different, even the same country, different historical periods are not the same. France pop before the 18th century Baroque-style furniture and interior furnishings, walls, ceilings, lintels, Windows cabinets decorated with murals or embossed satin, looks spacious furniture full of soft, romantic. United Kingdom-style interior decoration, the room is dark, and dreary, and privacy is strong in each room, furniture style, color and layout of rigid, stiff. In 18th century, Rococo decoration occurs, interior decoration and furniture tends to compact, light, wall hanging is made of Brocade and laying, doors, Windows, cabinets decorated with large cut-glass mirrors, hanging chandelier of glittering, Interior treasures is decorated with paintings and sculptures of famous artists.  

modern Western-type decorations from rich luxury, the pursuit of luxury, tend to be on the practical function and effectiveness. L.t.Hobhouse style of the genre, from the traditional wall mounted indoor decoration, full range of expensive furniture out layout everywhere, chandeliers and art treasures, and pursuit of sufficient living space, ample sunlight and good ventilation, and feature comfortable furniture and equipment, supplies, eclectic. With masters like characteristics of layout of interior decoration and furnishings, such as the simple and elegant sofa, coffee table, refined and beautiful combinations of cabinets, kitchens and a full range of equipment and all sorts of beautiful lamps.