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Elegant calm 8 pure English style rustic bedroom

English pastoral style, like a paradise, filled with people yearning for romantic life. Into the pastoral House, which makes one think of such a picture, lazy afternoon, Sunshine through the screen, pull the long shadow, fall floral, stripes, tartans made on a variety of bedding, curtains, sofa sets. Flowers small flowers of concentrated light, lively and vivid, as if a United Kingdom country garden is in full bloom in front of us. Owner, sipping hot coffee, open book reading, feels! 

       characteristics of English pastoral style

about formation of English pastoral style in the late 17th century, mainly from people tired of seeing luxury wind, fresh rustic style. One of the most important changes is the walnut furniture began to use native, beautiful rustic elegance. Small floral pattern is, of course, the eternal main theme of English pastoral style, sofa fabric by hand, graceful, beautiful colors, ornaments, fabric characteristics of adhering to this, and distinctive feature to make people forget.

   extensive use of fresh and elegant colors, beautiful delicate flower pattern, is the usual way to make the bedroom more romantic, this bedding is also home for many years the preferred reference.

   flower is the theme here, expressed welcome for friends, but also to create a romantic tone. Space is not too complex, clean, like a blank canvas, was the best substrate. Furniture in addition to white and black in color, echoed outside the overall style, handmade fabric and styling of fine, was the embodiment of attitude.  

     floral, stripes, tartans, and each one is full of flavor, you can do all kinds of bedding, curtains, sofa sets. In particular patterns, flowers small flowers of concentrated light, very vivid, as if a United Kingdom country gardens are in full bloom in front of us.